Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DIY wedding flowers?!?

I love to save money. So, today I took a trip down to the florist to check out prices... I can't believe how much people spend on flowers!  For all the pieces I envisioned for my wedding I was quoted $5800.  Ya, I know... So DIY flower time. Flower ideas so far Roses garden and reg, Bells of Ireland, Green Hanging Amaranthus

I think I can do this!

A few important things about flowers:

2 options for centerpieces low or high ...cus people want to see and talk to each other.

Don't store flowers near fruit. I guess they have a chemical that causes them to ripen and die faster.

Don't pour water on your floral foam. Just drop it in and forget it!

Warm water not cold. Why warm? Flowers take up warm water more readily than cold.

Round bouquet + round body = even more round

Have lots of buckets

Keep your flowers cool and out of the sun

Greenery first.


Cheap wholesale flowers with a decent rep :)

Ooodles of info!

My centerpiece inspiration

How to ez boutonniere

Flower care when you get it!

Foam Foam and more foam!

How to cascade bouquet

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lets start the journey into the unknown!

So, We decided to get married! Our diy goal is to have a fabulous  low cost wedding for about 100 people. We have set the date Aug. 27th 2011. Location:   His parents home, 50 acres of beautiful land.
Big Challenges :

*The house needs  a new roof,  new ceiling , paint, renovated bathroom,  carpet torn out.   The whole 9 yards and then some!

* Diy catering for 100 people! I know we are insane right. That is the plan... and no we are not serving hot dogs.

Can we make this happen in one year?