Monday, October 4, 2010

My Dirty Secret

We have been engaged since Feb 2010. We have 2 beautiful children together. We share a wonderful home and have been very happy for years.  I see us as already married ...just we are making it official. 

Yesterday, a relative asked me if she could see "The Ring". I don't have one! He wanted to give me his grandmothers ring, but his family has had trouble locating the ring...don't ask.  I am ring less! Part of me feels I don't need one. (We have kids to take care of. It is just an object.) Another part of me feels completely naked and embarrassed. ( It's a symbol of his love. Social expectation.)

We have decided to look for another ring instead of waiting on his parents to remember where they put it. I feel so horrible about sending him links to rings I would like. I told him I would leave it up to him.  His response for my relative was send her a picture of the kids. This is so unromantic!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tent Chairs Tables: DONE

I just got off  the phone with Ann from Saco Hill Party Rentals. I am all set and booked for Agust 27th 2011. I called 10 different companies! Saco Hill Rental is 50 miles away from Wellsboro. Ann has a very small delivery fee $35. For my  30x45 tent 14  60" round plus 5 long tables and 100 chairs my total for Thursday delivery- Sunday pick up is $406.50 Not too bad hu? Ann was very sweet! She is a single mom who runs the rental biz by herself. She told me she fought to keep it and has owned it for the past 10 years.

Shop around, ask for prices, don't be afraid to mention a competitor price that is lower. Heck, try a different area it may be cheaper!

Zeki The Tailor (the tailor part 2)

We planed on going to the tailor Friday morning. Unfortunately the dear husband needed to finish writing a program. He was busy at the computer all day. I was so disappointed. I wanted to buy my dress so bad. He works so hard for his family :)

We ended up going today. The place was really hard to find. He was getting really frustrated too. I couldn't count how many times he stalled out. I tried my best not to laugh. The place was a little hole in the wall.  The old man had a lot of experience you could  tell and the shop has a ton of good reviews. We had the kids with us. He was happy to see the children and treated them to lolly pops for being good little girls. We spent $20 all together. Hopefully we won't need too many alterations.

I ordered my dress!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Chair Covers Oh my!

Ok, we have established I am a bargain hunter.  I have been searching craigslist for wedding things. 2 weeks ago a woman was selling 100 self tie chair covers for $320. You can get 100 self tie chair covers off ebay for $280 with free shipping. I offer her $175 2 weeks ago. She huffed and puffed  telling me "No I'm sorry The lowest I will go is $300 I paid $3.32 plus shipping and half of the cover were not used."

Last night I saw an ad for 100 self tie chair coves for $280.  It was the same woman. I offer her $175. She said "No I'm sorry $280 is what I'm asking you can't even rent 100 of these for that price!"

I can't???? I contacted a rental company and asked for a price quote for 100 self tie chair coves.  The man told me $450. Oh my! I asked him if that included setup or delivery. He quickly said no. I told him I could purchase new covers for $280.

I could tell his jaw dropped. After a few moments he asked me where I could purchase them.  I gave him the name of the ebay seller cvlinnens.  After a long pause he said "Where can I get china dinnerware?" Hahah! I asked him again how much it was for chair cover rental and did it include set up and removal. He told me $190 and yes set up and removal included. Bingo.

I had no intentions of renting. I would have taken the offer if I did not feel like going through the hassle of re-selling them.

Back to the woman on craigslis. I kindly told her again that I could purchase them new on ebay for $280 . I also told her I could rent them including set up and delivery for $190. I offered her $175 and told her I could pick up asap. I doubt she will respond...I will probably purchase them for $280, but for now I will wait until she offers them again :P

Guest book table and the crystal tree

I have have been collecting rocks all summer for my guest book. I thought it would be super cool if I had a crystal tree surrounded with rocks and moss. OMG! Who knew a branch plastered in a pot with some garland would be so expensive.  I am purchasing some 50lb plaster for another wedding project and I have plenty of tree branches available.  I also have a big flower pot... Crystal. I can go two ways on this one the super cheap way with acrylic... or the more expensive way.  I found acrylic garland 30 feet for $22 or 30 feet of glass for $75.