Friday, October 1, 2010

Chair Covers Oh my!

Ok, we have established I am a bargain hunter.  I have been searching craigslist for wedding things. 2 weeks ago a woman was selling 100 self tie chair covers for $320. You can get 100 self tie chair covers off ebay for $280 with free shipping. I offer her $175 2 weeks ago. She huffed and puffed  telling me "No I'm sorry The lowest I will go is $300 I paid $3.32 plus shipping and half of the cover were not used."

Last night I saw an ad for 100 self tie chair coves for $280.  It was the same woman. I offer her $175. She said "No I'm sorry $280 is what I'm asking you can't even rent 100 of these for that price!"

I can't???? I contacted a rental company and asked for a price quote for 100 self tie chair coves.  The man told me $450. Oh my! I asked him if that included setup or delivery. He quickly said no. I told him I could purchase new covers for $280.

I could tell his jaw dropped. After a few moments he asked me where I could purchase them.  I gave him the name of the ebay seller cvlinnens.  After a long pause he said "Where can I get china dinnerware?" Hahah! I asked him again how much it was for chair cover rental and did it include set up and removal. He told me $190 and yes set up and removal included. Bingo.

I had no intentions of renting. I would have taken the offer if I did not feel like going through the hassle of re-selling them.

Back to the woman on craigslis. I kindly told her again that I could purchase them new on ebay for $280 . I also told her I could rent them including set up and delivery for $190. I offered her $175 and told her I could pick up asap. I doubt she will respond...I will probably purchase them for $280, but for now I will wait until she offers them again :P


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