Saturday, October 2, 2010

Zeki The Tailor (the tailor part 2)

We planed on going to the tailor Friday morning. Unfortunately the dear husband needed to finish writing a program. He was busy at the computer all day. I was so disappointed. I wanted to buy my dress so bad. He works so hard for his family :)

We ended up going today. The place was really hard to find. He was getting really frustrated too. I couldn't count how many times he stalled out. I tried my best not to laugh. The place was a little hole in the wall.  The old man had a lot of experience you could  tell and the shop has a ton of good reviews. We had the kids with us. He was happy to see the children and treated them to lolly pops for being good little girls. We spent $20 all together. Hopefully we won't need too many alterations.

I ordered my dress!

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