Monday, October 4, 2010

My Dirty Secret

We have been engaged since Feb 2010. We have 2 beautiful children together. We share a wonderful home and have been very happy for years.  I see us as already married ...just we are making it official. 

Yesterday, a relative asked me if she could see "The Ring". I don't have one! He wanted to give me his grandmothers ring, but his family has had trouble locating the ring...don't ask.  I am ring less! Part of me feels I don't need one. (We have kids to take care of. It is just an object.) Another part of me feels completely naked and embarrassed. ( It's a symbol of his love. Social expectation.)

We have decided to look for another ring instead of waiting on his parents to remember where they put it. I feel so horrible about sending him links to rings I would like. I told him I would leave it up to him.  His response for my relative was send her a picture of the kids. This is so unromantic!

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