Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lighting and lanterns

Another fantastic diy bloger posted a how to led lantern guide. I love the idea! How ever, I am trying to pinch pennies and I don't want to pay for lanterns....even though I probably could sell them off after the wedding.
If your interested in the diy led lanterns here is the link  and  2dbride
also has a guide.

So...what are you going to do? Pom poms! LED paper pom poms. You need to know how to do two things 1. make a pom pom and 2. make an LED throwie.
It's easy and for .50 a piece I'm sold!

 Led pom table light from not martha

To do this project you will need 
Pom Pom How to vid

LED Throwie How to Vid

1 package of tissue paper 15x 20 or 20x30  (8-14) sheets per pom pom
fishing line
10mm white diffused led (3) for each pom pom
CR-2032 Lithium coin-sized batteries
Duct tape

Hot glue

Instructions :

Pom poms
Take 8-14 sheets of tissue paper(depending how fluffy you want) and fold it acordan style about 1 1/2 inch.

Next cut ends round or to a point.

Then tie in the middle with fishing line leave enough to hang the pom from.

LED throwies
Take the led and slip it through the prongs. long pin on positive short pin to negative .

Then tape. Tada! you have light.

The led last 1-2 a test run with your batteries. Also the led is not dead when the batteries runs out and can be passed on to another bride or buy magnets and make graffiti on some metal objects.

Once you have your pom pom and your throwie just glue or tie it in your pom pom.  Or tie or glue the led before you open the pom pom depending on timing.

My first try at making pom poms... not too bad.

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