Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wedding Dress Part 1(The Tailor)

Ok... so its like 2:30 am Eamon is at work doing some crazy computer stuff...and I can't sleep.  I tried but I'm just too excited! Tomorrow I order my wedding dress! I am going to the tailor with Eamon to get measured in the morning. He is ordering a tux! I felt bad about it because he really wanted to wear a kilt...but with a 2000 price tag for his outfit it just was beyond our budget. A 100 tux  now thats a lot better!

Lets flash back to last week. I woke up sun morning and just wanted to feel like a princess. Haha not really, but I took a trip down to the bridal shop with my sisters. I had a great time.  I tried on several styles of dresses and figured out what looked best on my body. Ball gown...I figured as much.

So, whats the point? Well, I have decided to order my dress from China. I looked up some Chinese dressmakers and checked their reviews. I figure if over 2000 women the only negative feed back is check for pins. Then I think it will be fine. I also have seen real life pictures of the dresses. Heck $200 for my dream dress why not.

buying a dress from china
Check for feed back. 
Ask to see a real picture of the dress.
Time dresses can take up to six months to get!
Get properly measured by a tailor
Shipping cost 

A lot of women have had positive experiences with April bridal they have an ebay store as well as a website, but look around. I found my dress maker on alibaba...hopefully it will be ok.

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