Thursday, June 9, 2011

DIY Candle Holders For Cheap

Can't find a stellar deal on candle holders? Can't have open flames? No problem this is a easy DIY...It will cost you next to nothing :)

Things you need:

This video:

 I used recycled wax that I requested from If you have one in your area use it! Freecycle is an amazing way to help keep usable things out of landfills.

One that you will never cook food in.

Water balloon:
I should have made mine smaller

This takes about 15 min start to finish.


 Fill water balloon to desired size. The bigger balloon the bigger the pot of wax.


Heat wax on low/ med heat. If it's smoking its too hot! (PLEASE never leave your wax alone on the stove. Fire safety people!)

Dip dip dip! Let cool between dips until wax is hard. Keep dipping until a good layer has built up.

Flat surface time. Once a good layer has  formed, place the balloon on a flat surface and let harden. I did this every few dips until I got to my desired thickness.

5. POP! Ok, I was too big of a wuss to pop it. I used scissors.


 Place candle or LED throwie in it. How to vid below. Obviously you don't need the magnet. (I did not clean up the top edge with a hot pan)


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