Friday, June 10, 2011

DIY Hand Stamped Tablecloth & Napkins

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I am so in love with this project. I can now have fantastic printed linens on a beer and hot dog budget. I was practising today with an old apron. I bought a stencil from Jo Ann fabrics for .49 It took me about 10 min to paint with the help of my 4 year old.

You will need
Stamp or  stencil( If using a stencil spray the back with repositionable adhesive)

Round flat paint brush or sponge brush

Fabric paint


Old towel(s)


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Step one
Wash and iron your fabric. Don't add fabric softener.

Step 2
Plan where you want your design. No room for mistakes. If you are doing a large piece it helps to work on a big table or even the floor.

Step 3
With a old towel(a little padding is good) under your fabric Stamp or stencil.  Always work top to bottom.If you are using a stencil dab don't spread. For crisp edges when using a stencil, spray the back with adhesive. I did not use adhesive but it turned out good.
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Step 4
Let it dry completely for 24 hours...this is the hardest step for me.

Step 5
Iron the back of the fabric. Make sure to use a press cloth.

The possibilities are endless!

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