Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Candles Candles, And More Candles!

I am a craigslist wedding hunter! If you did not get the memo yet I am just a little crazy about bargains. I found 144 used votives and holders for $25. I bought them for $15. I froze them and cleaned out the wax and now have 144 squeaky clean candle holders :)
Now time to get the candles. So, many people use www.candle4less.com I can honestly say that this is a complete rip off! $50 shipping WTF? Even with the coupon coed I found the site sucks.

I found a very unexpected site to have amazing prices on candles (no coupon required for amazing deal) webstaurantstore.com I purchased 288 candles for 47.11 shipped. About .16 per candle not too shabby. I decided to sell 72 candles plus holders on craigslist.. I don't need 144 candles. when I am finished I will sell the other 72 with candles and sell the remanding 72 candles without holders. Will I end up making a profit off my wedding? Crazy!

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