Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stepping Stone Charger Plates

I thought it would be super cool to make my wedding favors duel purpose. I was thinking stepping stones. If you can mix ,pour and wait then this project is right up you ally (It is for me!!). I decided to make them out of plaster of pairs its cheap and has a fast dry time. Making it ideal for a person with limited time and molds.   Down sides to using plaster.They are for indoor life and will not last outside for more than a year.

You will need:

Plaster of Paris (aka moulding plaster)
Cooking Spray
A Mold

WARNING: Although plaster is fairly safe to use it can cause chemical burns if left on skin for long periods of time. Use a lubricant always. Use common sense use a mask don't breath in dust. Use gloves and goggles. Don't put your plaster in the oven to speed up will crack and can explode!

Step one
Prepare your mold with cooking spray

Step two
prepare plaster according to directions (some people add white glue to the plaster for extra hardening...I have never tried this)how to make extra strong plaster of paris

Step three
Slowly pour plaster into mold. (Want add extra strength? Fill mold halfway and insert a round piece of mesh chicken wire. Cut the wire just a few centimeters smaller than the mold. Then fill the remaining plaster.

Step four
Wait until your plaster has changed color and has hardened to unmold. It may sill be hot and delicate It is best to wait over night for it to fully cure but not necessary. Don't force your cast out of the mold. Sometimes it is necessary to use a knife around the edges.

Step Five
Paint. This step is optional. If you are painting make sure your piece is fully cured (not hot or warm at all) I plan on using metallic spray paint. You can get as creative as you would like.

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