Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To Register Or Not To Register

Some part in me thinks it is incredibly tacky to register for wedding gifts. Another part of me says Sophie what the heck are you thinking! You already have more junk than you can handle. And then there is that tiny naughty part of me that says omg hand me one of those scanner guns now.

Honestly, what I really need is a house. Is it incredibly tacky and rude to ask my guests not to give me gifts? Would they understand that we have two kids and have all the household things we can handle.

At this point Eamon and I have decided not to register. We have one of those cheesy wedding websites. I thought we could set up a PayPal donation for a house fund on the site. I still need to talk to my mother and grandmother about the idea..but, I want a house not towels.

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